Climate Change and the Yukon


Course Description: This course focuses on climate change and the Yukon. The objectives of the courses include summarizing climate change impacts specific to Yukon, describe how Western and Indigenous systems are informing our understanding of climate risk, introduce strategies that various Yukon organizations are employing to address climate risk and implement adaptation and mitigation measures, and inspire action by sharing youth voices on climate change. As climate change impacts and responses shift and progress, the contents of this course will require updating.  

Audience: Participants already have a basic understanding of climate change, including understanding the global drivers of climate change, responses including mitigation and adaptation, and the roles of various international organizations in responding (they are highly encouraged to have taken Introduction to Climate Change and Global Society). Participants seek more detailed information on climate change in the Yukon including local impacts, risks, responses as well as key resources, policies, and organizations. 

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